The Seance by Iain Lawrence

Houdini, mediums, spirits, and a mystery all rolled up in one great book!  I really enjoy a good mystery and this book didn’t let me down.  I was guessing right up until the end as to who the killer was.  Heck I was wondering whether there was more than one killer at times and struggled with the motive up until the very end.  I’ll admit I didn’t know very much about Houdini, but I think I learned a fair bit with this book.  I especially enjoyed the “afterword” – some really interesting facts about the storyline – and about Houdini and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

The Seance follows Scooter King, a young lad who works with his mother to support her Medium business.  Contacting the spirits beyond with living folks in an attempt to make a living.  Harry Houdini comes to visit their town and Scooter has been waiting his whole life to see Houdini, little does he know that he’ll work with him before the week is out.  A fair paced story that kept my interest until the very end.

Ok there was one aspect of the story that I just had to double-check.  There was one point – ok I need to learn to write down where I read these things in the books – anyway – where a Butterfinger wrapper is mentioned – something to the effect that the yellow wrapper of  a Butterfinger floating away…  argh I’ll have to find that quote.  In any case, the book documents the story starting on Wednesday, June 2, 1926 and ending on Thursday, June 10, 1926.  Did Butterfingers actually exist in 1926????  Turns out they were created back in 1923, by the Curtiss Candy Company of Chicago.  Who knew?


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