Looking forward to 2010!

Just like many other folks I too wonder where the year has gone but I guess I’ve reached the point where I’ve convinced myself to start looking ahead to what 2010 will bring!

So… I’ve been reading a lot of fellow blogger posts about reviewing and starting blogs – and I have to admit I’ve been fascinated by the choices and different methods people use when reviewing a book.  Some are professional and others are very personal.  It has me wondering about what I have been doing.  I think it’s a really tough decision whether to go purely professional or whether you stick with the personal.  Writing styles has always been a struggle for me moving from the Science world – where passive voice is the only voice – to the Library wold, where passive voice…  well we just don’t acknowledge it.

As a new blogger – I’ll keep looking at other formats and if I like one I may change what I’m doing – but for now – I’m going to stick with my personal-type format…..

Reading books in 2009 – well – I’m truly shocked at all the YA books I’ve read from September till now…  and that’s not including ALL the other books I’ve read from January – September.  So maintaining this blog will give me some idea as to how much I really read!  Hmmm…  maybe I don’t want to know this or rather I don’t want to admit this!  As to my favourites so far – that’s really hard to say – can I say I love them all?  Ok I’ll admit there are a few that stay with me – maybe those are my favourites?  Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins – there’s something about this one that’s got me wanting to know more!!!  And yes Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments trilogy – I loved all of them!!!  Then there’s Sarah Dessen…  uh-oh can you see where this is going…  so I’ll stop here and say I’m looking forward to reading more and more this coming year!

As you may be able to tell – I’m having a blast with this blog and hope to continue this as I try to find my way in this cool new world.

So – Happy New Year everyone and all the Best in 2010!

Ready to play in 2010!


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