Ghost Ride by Marina Cohen

Oh WOW!!!!  A fantastic book!  Another one I just could NOT put down.  If you love Ichabod Crane and Sleepy Hollow you HAVE to read this one!  Set in modern-day small town Ringwood, Ontario – it chronicles the life of Sam McLean who has just left his home and friends in Toronto to move to this nowhere town in the country.  As any normal teenaged boy, he wants to fit in with the local crowd and despite his father’s insistence, becomes friends with Javon and Cody Barns.  After learning about Cody or Maniac’s Blog, Sam wants to engage in one of their stunts in hopes of being accepted in their group.

I love how the story of Sleepy Hollow that their English class is reading intertwines with Sam’s life.  It’s fantastic.  This story had me so tense and ok, scared at times that I had to continue reading to see how it resolved.  Just wonderful!!!

Living in Ontario myself and not too far from Toronto, I was curious whether Ringwood was a real place or not.  Turns out it is!  The one website I came across had a couple of pictures available, one of “Golden Lane” – which when I saw it I instantly could place it in the story….  and the second of an “Oak Tree on Kennedy Road” – again made me wonder about the Willow Tree in this story….

I’m looking forward to checking out Marina’s other books now 🙂

Highly Recommended

Ages: 14 and up

Cohen, Marina.  (2009). Ghost Ride. Toronto, ON: Dundurn Press.

Author’s Website:


3 thoughts on “Ghost Ride by Marina Cohen

  1. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing Ghost Ride! Your kind review put a huge smile on my face! I’m glad you also located the real Ringwood! I did base the name of the town on it, but my town is actually a fictitious Stouffville–which is just east of Ringwood. There is really a Sleepy Hollow north of Stouffville, but it’s a new housing development with huge new homes, very unlike my creepy old mansions! Thanks again for reading–I really appreciate it!

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  3. Wow Madame Cohen I really liked this book I loved the end where it read GHOST RIDE… GHOST RIDE… GHOST RIDE… THAT WAS MY FAVORITE PART !!

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