Nancy Drew #18 City Under the Basement Graphic Novel

Now that’s more like it 🙂  Nancy Drew as I remember her, girl detective, caught up in a mystery!  This was Book Two of the City Under the Basement mystery, but it was done so well that I didn’t feel like I missed anything by not reading the first Book (I didn’t read the title properly when I borrowed it from the Library).  Nancy was overseas with her Dad and stumbled onto the mystery of the City under a friend’s basement.  She was without her two close friends, George and Bess, but had her Dad, Carson and their friend, Alda to help her out.  It was fast paced and kept my curiosity peaked until the very end when the mystery was solved.

One thing that I was worried about when I started this graphic novel, was how Nancy Drew was going to be portrayed?  Was she going to be buxom, skinny and well…  not Nancy-like from 30 years ago.  Well I was surprised, I didn’t mind at all how she was portrayed in this novel.  Ok the dress might have been a bit short, but I guess that’s something I need to get over…  She was very down to earth and very much herself, as I remember her from my teenage years.

Reading this particular graphic novel was a much better experience than the Hardy Boys.


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