Hardy Boys #17 Word Up! Graphic Novel

WOW how the Hardy Boys have changed since I read them 30 years ago in my teenage years.  American Teens Against Crime (ATAC) agents?  I remember Joe and Frank Hardy as young teenaged boys who always found themselves caught up in “interesting” and mysterious situations.  I also remember imagining how they looked and then when they started the TV series with Shaun Cassidy and Parker Stevenson, oh man…  they were the talk around school.  But whoa….  in the graphic novels they’re how shall I say – buff, muscular and very “hot”?  Definitely not the same teenage boys portrayed during my teenage years.

The story was fun, maybe a little quick – but I guess with a short graphic novel, you need to get the story in a small number of pages.  I loved the quick romance, staying true to the old Hardy Boys where one of them inevitably ended up with a girl.  I suspect I might have chosen an issue where there really was no mystery to be solved but rather a challenging situation to work in.

As I haven’t read many graphic novels, I found the illustrations very telling and helpful, they filled in the space between the words for me and kept the story flowing.  I’m going to try to read another Hardy Boys Graphic Novel to see whether the format is the same – ok I want to see if there’s a “Mystery” one out there like the old books or whether the stories have all moved away from the Mystery format.

As you may be able to tell I wasn’t completely enamoured with this graphic novel but I suspect it is because I so enjoyed the old Hardy Boys books, heck I grew up with them – so any diversions from the original format might be tough to reconcile.  However, I am going to try another one and reevaluate my thoughts then.

Lobdell, Scott and Henrique, Paulo.  (2009).  Hardy Boys #17 Word Up! China:  Aladdin Paperbacks.

Hardy Boys Graphic Novels Wiki: http://hardyboys.wikia.com/wiki/The_Hardy_Boys_Graphic_Novel


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