Extras by Scott Westerfeld

The 4th and final book in Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies trilogy turned series centres around Aya, a fifteen year old who lives in a reputation driven world.  A world where face rank gives you privileges and recognition amongst your peers in the city.  She finds a secretive clique and successfully joins them and their fun.  However, during one of their adventures, Aya stumbles upon a secret that could end her world as she knows it.  Along the way she creates unlikely alliances and friendships.

After reading the first three in the Uglies series – I wondered how a fourth book could be introduced and how it would flow – really how would it fit?  The third book, in my opinion, closed the option for more books in this series – it had an ending.  I have to be honest I was not very pleased with this book in the series.  It didn’t flow as easily and as coherently as the first three.  The environmental theme was not as strong as it was in the first three books – it was hard to grasp it until the very end.  I liked the concept of the reputation world – reminded me a bit of Facebook 🙂  How many friends folks have sometimes can be perceived as your popularity  vs.  face ranks in Extras another measure of your reputation and your popularity.  I especially liked the “Radical Honesty” clique: the struggle between truth, lies and truth-slanting that Aya experiences, but overall, I really struggled with this book.

Westerfeld, Scott. (2009).  Extras. New York, NY:  Simon Pulse.

Author’s Website:  http://www.scottwesterfeld.com/books/uglies.htm


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