Van Alen Legacy by Melissa de la Cruz

When you can’t put the book down you know you’re in trouble…  I have to admit though – it did take me a bit longer to really get into this one.  I found the beginning a bit hard to follow – switching from character to character – and then somehow losing a year between the two books.  But I did put the pieces together…  And in the end – loved it!!!!  Intrigue, mystery, heartbreak, and there’s always that unknown  little bit that lingers….

The remaining members of the Coven chose not to believe Schuyler’s tale of that fateful night in Rio de Janeiro.  To save herself and Oliver from their punishment and uncertain future, they hide around the world for a year leaving New York, the Blue Bloods and their friends behind.  When Schuyler’s half-blood condition worsens they decide to return and find themselves in the middle of the continuing Silver Blood mystery.  Love, heartbreak, and family relations make this a wonderful story to follow.  Weaving history and bible references to make the reader believe is great  and leaves you wondering….

So – for now that’s the end of the Blue Blood series, although I’ve read on Melissa de la Cruz’ website that the next installment is in the works and Misguided Angel is due to be released Next Year!

De la Cruz, Melissa. (2009).  The Van Alen Legacy.  New York, NY:  Hyperion Books.

Author’s Website:


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