Revelations by Melissa de la Cruz

I have to admit that when I start getting into a series – there’s often a point where I start to think -” Gee I think I’ve seen this coming” or “Wow I could have guessed this was going to happen”.  Not the case with Revelations!  Just when I start to get comfortable with a storyline – whoosh – there’s another twist!

In the third book of the Blue Bloods series, Schuyler is now living with her uncle, Charles, the Silver Blood threat is slowly being accepted by the Coven and Schuyler is starting to realize that her attraction and crush for both Jack and Oliver can only lead to disaster.   With trouble brewing in Rio de Janeiro, Schuyler learns that she may not be all alone after all and that she is the Blue Blood’s salvation.

Melissa de la Cruz has done a great job at throwing the reader into a unique vampire world while treating us to the fancies of the wealthy – the umpteen course meals, the fancy apartments, flying to exotic places on a whim.  But she also has a way that allows her to build the Blue Blood characters and relationships – Mimi and Jack, Jack and Schuyler, Schuyler and Oliver, and now we’re seeing a stronger bond being built between Schuyler and Bliss.

So I’m hooked – and yes I already have the fourth book in hand, the Van Alen Legacy, and am looking forward to starting it soon – probably tonight 🙂   Uh-oh I just saw the book trailer for it – oh my it looks like it’s just going to get better – mystery…    take a look…

De la Cruz, Melissa.  (2009).  Revelations. New York, NY:  Hyperion Books.

Author’s webpage:


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