Seriesapalooza – A week of fun!

For the week starting December 14  through December 20 Michelle at GalleySmith will be holding Seriespalooza, where participants will read only books in a series they are either currently reading or are wanting to start.  It’s a relaxed affair where you can read at your leisure so there isn’t any pressure. It’s just a great excuse to dip into the pile of books you want to read instead of those you may have scheduled to read as a result of other obligations

Oh this is absolutely perfect!  Having discovered this wonderful world of Reading Challenges and my love for series – perfect!  Thank-you for putting this together…  I’m looking forward to reading the following – so as this is my first Reading Challenge to complete – and yes it will be completed – not sure about how to REALLY do this – as I tend to write a little review / blurb about each book I read – I’ll simply add the link to my blog as I read the books – hope that works for everyone….  I’m almost done my second book already – and boy it’s just as great as the first three!

WOW…  this is a good sign right?  First challenge and I complete it!  That was fun – looking forward to the remaining challenges I signed up for this coming year!

Oh and yes – I noticed that many people are reading Scott Westerfeld’s Midnighter series – got me curious and yes going to start it next!

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