Reading Challenges and Book Bloggers???

Oh my…  who knew these things existed?  Reading challenges, book blogging, partner reviews, etc…  All I can say is WOW!! You can only imagine how excited I was to find these – and yes be assured that I will be joining in the fun!  I’ve spent a good part of this morning reading about these challenges and finding a world of cool people out there that seem to love reading as much as I do.  Now I can show my family that I’m not the only one who reads books upon books.

Since I’ve discovered this really cool thing called “ME” time – reading has become a passion.  You know that time where the kids know not to bug you – ok –  I cheated I used to take my “ME” time when they went to bed when they were younger but now that they’re older they know when it’s “MOM” time.  So over the years I’ve been discovering so many great authors and books – it’s kind of scary when you think about the number of books I’ve read – but looking over some of these blogs – maybe it’s not so scary anymore.  This year, with my Young Adults course, I felt like I discovered another HUGE world that I somehow I’ve missed or ignored all these years.

And yet with this blog I feel like I’ve unearthed yet another treasure – a whole new world of Book Bloggers – heck this is great!  I’m looking forward to diving into the new found world of book blogging and reading challenges – Here We Go…..


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