Masquerade by Melissa de la Cruz

The story just keeps getting better…  Schuyler discovers in Blue Bloods, that she has another living relative, a grandfather.  Someone who can help her unravel the truths about the Silver Bloods – but he’s been in hiding or living in exile for many years now.  This doesn’t stop a determined Schuyler to find him and with the help of Oliver is successful in Venice.

Back in New York, the Four Hundred Ball, the biggest annual event for the Blue Bloods begins to ruffle a few feathers among the Committee members.  With the death of Aggie Carondolet, faith in the Regis and his firm stance towards the Silver Bloods is starting to divide the Committee.  However, Mimi Force wants to add intrigue and fun into the night’s event and plans a Masquerade Ball as the after party for the teen Blue Bloods only.

Schuyler learns more about her heritage and her gifts, as one of the last Van Alen’s, Schuyler needs to make some very difficult decisions regarding her own existence and that of her biggest enemy. And I keep wondering about Bliss, how does she figure into this whole world that De la Cruz has created?  Is she good or bad?

This new twist that Melissa de la Cruz presents us on the vampire world really makes this a fun and intriguing read.  I love how she develops the relationships between her characters, and there’s the side storyline about Margaret Stanford – how does this fit? You’re left at the end of this book wanting to know more, how does the vampire family tree really play into today’s family tree – what are the taboo’s?  will Jack and Schuyler’s relationship become a reality?

I’m looking forward to continuing with this series and I’ll let you know whether De la Cruz is able to hold my attention and curiosity as the series progresses.

De la Cruz, Melissa. (2008).  Masquerade. New York, NY: Hyperion Paperbacks for Children.

Author’s Website:


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