Who writes the book summary?

So I’ve been wondering lately who writes the little summary on the back of the book? and have they really read the book and in its entirety?  Reason I’ve been wondering about this lately – the last few books I’ve read, I can’t say that the summary matches the story.  Or rather I can’t say that it is written to provide the potential reader with an accurate summary.

For instance, The Devouring, as I noted previously – I never got the sense from the summary that it was a Horror story.  The summary for Blue Bloods I also thought was a bit misleading, I read it and thought oh another typical vampire story – almost didn’t read the book – very glad I did though…  I went back and read them again after I finished the books and thought…  hmmm…  not quite but ok they picked on one small itsy bit of the story but missed the mark on the main storyline.  Maybe I’m just picking up a different storyline than they are with their summaries?

On a slightly different line – some of these summaries are written in a way where aspects of the book are omitted.  Maybe they’re written to assure us parents that the book is wholesome – doesn’t deal with touchy or controversial topics – hiding all these things?  For example, Pretty Little Liars we read the first bit of the back cover:  “Spencer covets her sister’s boyfriend.  Aria’s fantasizing about her English teacher.  Emily’s crushing on the new girl in school.  Hanna uses some ugly tricks to stay beautiful….”  Sounds pretty innocent to me – but in some of these cases – it really isn’t that innocent.  So – are the writers or publishers trying to downplay the contents to sell books?  Or are they downplaying the contents so the younger crowd will read it?  I’m not sure – but have to wonder…

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