The Devouring by Simon Holt

Horror!  How in the world did I miss that!  I now understand why my daughter refused to read the rest of the book!  Wow – what a scary book!  I have to admit that this is definitely a book I would have read as a young adult myself, but not one, had I known what it was really about, that would I have bought for my daughter!  So we learn…  actually those of you in MLIS programs or Librarians will laugh at this – but we actually look for the subject headings in the front of the book now 🙂  My daughter and I spent quite some time looking through all our books to see what types of books she’s been reading.  It is funny!  But we learn….  Hmmm….  does everyone else do this and I just figured it out?

So – back to the book, it was scary!  Vours, these, um, not sure if you can call them creatures or not, but in any case, they feed from your fears, take over your body and live your life for you. It’s a story that can be believable!  Reggie discovers an old book at the bookstore she works in and learns about the Vours.  While testing whether they believe or not, her younger brother Henry becomes one of their victims.  It’s a great story of sibling love and friendship, but ya… it’s still scary.

I enjoyed the book but I would not suggest it to the faint of heart or the younger audience.

Holt, Simon. (2009). The Devouring. New York, NY: Little, Brown and Company

Book website:


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