Who gets to read the book first?

So my youngest daughter and I visited our local bookstore and bought a few books last week – I had to fill the void I was feeling having read all my books…  In any case – she read the back of “The Devouring” by Simon Holt and thought it would make a good read.  Who am I to stop my children from reading – so we buy and she starts to read it immediately.  I read the back and thought it looked fine and she assured me that in this world of “vampires” everywhere – this book was going to be a good one.

Well about 100 pages into the book, she slams it down and claims she can’t read it anymore – too much!!!  She made me read a couple of pages, and without the context of the story I didn’t understand why she got so upset.  So…  guess what I’m reading now?  Yup, “The Devouring”…  and so far I find it really great.

But her reaction raised a couple of questions – who should be reading these books first?  Parents? Librarians?  Teachers?  If we as Librarians are willing to recommend books to teens – should we have read them first?  or can we rely or should we rely on reviews?  Readers’ Advisory?  I’m just not sure after this experience…  I’ll let you know about the book when I’m finished.  But definitely gave me something to think about…


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