Every Soul a Star by Wendy Mass

A beautiful heart-warming story of three young teens coming to grips with who they are.  Yes a very well done – “coming of age” story.  Three 12 to 13 yr olds from completely different walks of life all find themselves in the middle of nowhere at Moon Shadow campground to witness a total eclipse of the sun.  Bree, aspiring model, cannot believe her luck when she’s told by her parents that they’re moving and she must leave behind all her friends, her modelling aspirations and her A-clique friends.  Ally, the nature girl, has spent most of her life at Moon Shadow campground and has to deal with the thought of leaving it, and Jack, is given the opportunity to avoid summer school if he assists his science teacher with his trip to Moon Shadow campground.  Three unlikely friends that each find a way to work through their own fears.

“Umm, I don’t mean to sound obnoxious or anything, but have you tried just accepting it?  You know, make the best of things?” I love this statement and it just rings so true for so many things in life.  Something that if we could teach our young teens to see and appreciate, they’d understand why life just isn’t so bad and sit back and enjoy the bumps in the road.

I really enjoyed this book, especially loved the astronomy aspect of it all – and yes I learned a bit too 🙂  I especially loved the character Jack, enjoyed how he moved from a shy, get in trouble regularly guy to someone who now sees his teacher as an individual and someone who is now willing to step out of his comfort zone – wonderfully done!


Ages: 12 and up

Mass, Wendy. (2009). Every Soul a Star. New York, NY:  Little, Brown and Company.

Author’s website: http://www.wendymass.com/


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