Who should read these books?

After reading Sarah Dessen’s books and now Barry Lyga’s Boy Toy I’m beginning to struggle with who do you recommend these books to and who should be reading them?  Would a Librarian recommend these types of books to parents of teens?  The topics are so relevant and although fictious, provide insight to an “atypical” teen’s life.  I personally think they can give parents an idea what teens may be feeling or thinking in a given situation.

As a parent myself to two teenaged daughters, I find the Sarah Dessen books, in particular very insightful and personally I would recommend these as reads for both the parents and their daughters.  But would others do the same?  How would a Dad feel if someone recommended Boy Toy for him to read?  Offended or grateful?  How would an adoptive or foster Mom feel if someone recommended Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen as a read?

As a reader I feel like I’ve missed this whole area of books and knowledge that I need to take it all in and now.  But then I struggle with the questions:  were these books written for me as a parent, for me as a teenager, or simply for reading pleasure?  What do you think?


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