Boy Toy by Barry Lyga

Oh wow…  I think the New York Times Book Review said it best when they say “Boy Toy is an unsettling read, but that’s exactly what it ought to be.”  Josh Mendel’s story is one that the older teens should be reading, making them aware of what is possible and what may be happening around them.  Barry Lyga does an awesome job of telling a very difficult story in a way that keeps the reader intrigued and wanting to know what happens.  Although it is a difficult topic he has this way of keeping the reader engaged.

Josh Mendel, a young teenager, baseball player and a number fanatic really, lived through an ordeal that no young person should have to deal with.  A terrible secret that took away five years of his childhood.  Friendship and true love were what helped him live through it, but he never really realized or understood this.  Boy Toy is one of those books that could be viewed as controversial for some, definitely tough to read for others, but one I think should be read or one that folks should be aware of.   I would indeed recommend this book, but only to older teens and ones that are “mature”.


Ages: 16 and over

Lyga, Barry. (2007). Boy Toy. Boston, MA: Graphia.

Book website:


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