Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen

My third Sarah Dessen book and I think the best I’ve read yet.  She has this great talent that allows her to capture the teen’s perspective in such a beautiful and yet very down to earth manner.  As parents we’re always told there is no manual to help you deal with some of these more difficult situations, such as teenage pregnancy and teenage sex, but after reading this book I would argue and suggest that parents read “Someone Like You”.  With all the different angles presented, it’s a great book – I think one that many teenage girls should be reading along with their parents.  This could be one of those books that would open doors of communication between mothers and their daughters about a topic that is very scary and one that we all wish would go away until marriage.

The story is about Halley and Scarlett, two girls who have been best friends from the first day Scarlett moved into the neighbourhood.  They know everything about each other and spend most of their time together.  The summer before their last year of high school Halley is sent away to camp while Scarlett stays back, meets Michael and falls in love.  One night at camp though Halley is called to the office for an emergency call, Michael was killed in a motorcycle accident and Scarlett needs her at home.  Once they’re back in school, Scarlett discovers she’s pregnant with Michael’s child.  The story revolves around choices that young female teens make before they decide to have sex and the consequences they need to deal with if they become pregnant.  It’s also a great story of the love and friendship shared between these two young ladies.

This is one book I highly recommend to both teens and their parents.


Ages:  14 and up

Dessen, Sarah.  (2004). Someone Like You. New York, NY:  SPEAK

Book Website:


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