What do teen readers want?

If you think about it – most of the seminars in our course have really been dealing with this question in one form or another.  We have been learning about the different types of material that Teen Readers or YA Readers are believed to be interested in and the different formats.  But seeing what they really want via the results of a survey is another thing.  While browsing Stephen Abram’s blog Stephen’s Lighthouse for my Advocacy course I found a Blog entry linking back to the Sassy Librarian and to a Publisher’s Weekly article discussing the results of a survey.  Take a look if you haven’t already seen it!

When I read through the survey results, what I was very interested in was the “Influencers” section of the survey – what influences a Teen to read a particular book?  Friend’s recommendation was at the top of the list, followed by family / siblings, then teachers with librarians at the bottom.  Hmmm – wonder why?  The other aspect of these results that I found surprising was the value Teens placed on book reviews and websites.  Really gets me thinking that maybe this is something that Librarians need to take advantage of…  adding more book reviews and/or recommendations online – or finding a way to link local teens with book reviews or creating local book reviews?  not sure – but there are a number of ideas that come to mind.

To see the survey results and thoughts on it please see:

What DO Teens want? by the Sassy Librarian

What Do Teens Want? By Carol Fitzgerald


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