Haunted by Barbara Haworth-Attard

When I bought this book I never realized it was by a Canadian author, let alone an author from Elmira living in London, Ontario – WoW!!!  It was a pleasure to read and a story that I just couldn’t part with.  Saturday mornings in my household is always a time when stuff needs to get done, plans that have me up at 8:30 am and in theory out the door in less than an hour – well… that didn’t happen today –  Thanks to Dee, her friends and “her” mountain I couldn’t put the book down until 11am.  Once I returned home early this afternoon, I had to rush back to my book.  It was gripping and very tough to put down.

I’m an avid fan of a good murder mystery, but add in ghosts and I’m hooked!  Twist it a little bit more to add a location that is close to home and there’s no turning back for me.  Dee, a 14-year old girl, being raised by her Grandmother loves her “mountain” and village, but dreams of a day where she may escape from Price’s Corners to attend High School and live in a place where no one knows her.  Gran and Dee share special skills, as Gran refers to them, that have members of the village questioning them after bones are found on the mountain.  I highly recommend reading Haunted by Canadian author Barbara Haworth-Attard to find out what happens to Dee, her Gran and her beloved mountain.

I was curious to read my classmate’s comments on the book reading she attended with Barbara Haworth-Attard (Fiction Addiction blog), especially the comment regarding the marketing of the book.  Once I finished the book, I questioned whether this would be or should be considered a Young Adult novel?  If I didn’t know what the author’s intentions were – I’m not sure I would have been as convinced as I was going into this novel.  I believe that there is a larger adult audience that this book would appeal to.  However, on that note I would definitely recommend it to my girls and their friends!


Age:  14 yrs and up

Haworth-Attard, Barbara. (2009). Haunted. Toronto, ON: HarperCollins Publishers Ltd.

Author’s website:  http://www.barbarahaworthattard.com/


One thought on “Haunted by Barbara Haworth-Attard

  1. Hello! I’m so glad you enjoyed “Haunted” and yes, it is meant to be a cross-over book! Now I just need to convince stores/libraries that it can go in both adult and YA sections! Thanks for the mention on your blog, Barb

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