City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

A magical story indeed – but magic isn’t the right word – and the reader is told this a few times.  This well written and easy to read novel covers the gamut of fantasy creatures from vampires to werewolves to warlocks and faeries but I found it didn’t overwhelm me.  We’ve seen the vampires revived with the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer and now we’re seeing the rising of the Zombies with books like Generation Dead by David Walters, but Cassandra Clare has them beat in my opinion.  ShadowWalkers, protectors of the world against the DownWorlders, are the main theme in the first of the Mortal Instruments trilogy, but the characters and their relationships are what drew me into this world and they are also what left me wanting more.

Clary, a 15-year-old teenager and Simon, her best friend visit a Club one night, where Clary witnesses a murder that no one else can see.  The following day, one of the “murderers”, Jace unexpectedly befriends her after discovering that Clary’s mother has disappeared.  Clary learns about the ShadowWorld through Jace and is surprised to learn why she can see this world while others cannot.

The “sneak peek” feature at the back of my issue and the reviews received for City of Ashes and City of Glass has left very curious about the remaining two books in the trilogy and I now find myself looking forward to reading them. I have to admit that what I’m really looking forward to, is seeing how Clary and Jace’s relationship develops if at all.  For some unknown reason I have found myself very attached to these characters at the end of City of Bones – and I have to find out what happens next.


Ages: 14 and up

Clare, Cassandra.  (2007).  City of Bones. Toronto, ON: Simon Pulse.

Book website:


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