Zombies and other cannibalistic monsters – Generation Dead by Daniel Waters

generationWhat can I say?  It was an interesting book – not something that I would normally read.  What makes this book really odd to me is that my youngest daughter is the one that picked this one out for me to read and she read it first.  She reads but she reads in spits and spurts – this book though – she read in one night.  Then she asked me if we could buy the second one in the series – and she read that one in a day (PD day).  WOW!!!  I was flabbergasted – and now that I’ve read the book I’m really confused.  Goes to show you how different ones tastes really are.

I liked the book and found it an easy read – but struggled with the whole concept of Zombies – maybe that’s my main issue here.  The story revolves around Phoebe, a somewhat typical teenage girl, ok maybe not so typical, she considers herself Goth – another concept I struggle with – but I’m all for developing your own style and personality – don’t get me wrong.  Back to the story, Phoebe’s high school is one of the high schools in the area that is accepting Zombies or “differently biotic” people as students.  For some unknown reason, teenagers who die are returning from the dead as Zombies.  The story revolves around Phoebe and her friends and their relationships with the Zombies.  How this is accepted by some and not by others.

I look forward to my classmates thoughts on this book.


Ages: 13 and up

Waters, Daniel.  (2009).  Generation Dead. New York, NY: Hyperion Books

Book Website: http://watersdan.blogspot.com/2007/10/blog-post.html


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