Professional or Scholarly Journal

Well I thought I’d try the scholarly journal route and well…  didn’t make out so well.  I’m sure I’m missing something – so I’ll be watching everyone else’s blogs to see what everyone else finds.  I started by looking at the School Library Journal – but truth be told was very disappointed with this resource.  I couldn’t find any real “meat” for the content.  I read a few articles for readings and while researching my YouTube presentation – but they didn’t seem very “scholarly” to me.  Ok I was looking for journal-type articles and didn’t find them here.  Reading through a few of the articles – again – I’m not so sure how a YA librarian would make use of it.  It seemed to be a place to let everyone know about what was happening locally or a place to vent.  Sorry – maybe I just happened across the wrong articles.

So then I turned my attention to the “Professional” journals, such as VOYA and YALSA.  Since YALSA is the official publication of the Young Adult Library Services section of the ALA – I thought this would be a good one to look at – helps a lot that some of the content is online.  Hmm…  turns out only the table of contents is online …  you can pay for a subscription.  Without reviewing the content carefully – um – paying a subscription could potentially limit its value to Teen librarians from smaller libraries.  One strike against the publication before even getting to look at it.

Let’s try VOYA, Voice of Youth Advocates.  Ta-Dah!!!  now that was what I was looking for!  Their new format using PageSuite Professional is fantastic!  Like reading a book.  The content now that was wonderful!  This I can see being extremely useful for Teen or Young Adult Librarians.  The reviews, the different features – all Great stuff!  I read the October 2009 issue – and really enjoyed the article on the “Teen Tech Series for Tech Savvy Teens”.  Articles like this could spawn a number of ideas for programming and events at local libraries.

So far – VOYA is my pick – but I’m going to continue on my hunt – There must be a journal out there that I’ve missed.


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