Impossible by Nancy Werlin

impossible_book_final_pbWhat a wonderful surprise!  You know the classic saying: “Don’t judge a book by its cover”?  Looking at the cover of the book I bought – I thought for sure this would be mushy love-type story – but I was pleasantly surprised by the storyline.  Ok I’ll admit I really enjoy stories that weave magic into real life stories…  maybe I’ve always believed in magic…  This story does a wonderful job of sliding the magic and folklore into the life of a fostered teenage girl.  Lucy was brought up by her foster parents in a loving home and discovers that her birth mother went insane after giving birth to her at the age of 18 – and now finds herself in a similar predicament.

Lucy, Soledad, Leo and Zach are characters that I fell in love right at the start of the book and for me the characters make the book and this was an easy one to read from cover to cover without a break – ok travelling helps.  And if you love the folksong “Scarborough Fair” this is a MUST read.

I would highly recommend this book – it deals with a number of relevant social topics including teenage pregnancy and fostering and it handles these topics with care and with tact.  Great job!


Ages:  14 and up

Werlin, Nancy.  (2009). Impossible. Toronto, ON: Penguin Group (Canada)

Author’s websits:


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