Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen

lock_keyI started this book as an audiobook but looking at the seven hour flight overseas I had ahead of me – I decided to get a hard copy for my trip.  A great book, long flight with no sleep created a very satisfied and happy reader!  Lock and Key was another great book.  It was so easy to become involved with the characters – as if you’re there with Ruby.

Ruby is 8 months short of turning 18 years old when her life is no longer her own.  The truths she grew up believing are ripped away from her when she goes to live with her estranged, older sister.  Changing schools and new friends, help Ruby define what family really means to her.

I absolutely adored this book and have to admit I was so glad that I didn’t have to put it down.  Sarah Dessen’s writing is so seamless – you’re hopping between two or three storylines at times and yet you’re able to follow and draw the connections – wonderful!  I also really enjoyed the connections between the characters in “Just Listen” and “Lock and Key” – very subtle references – but they were there.


Ages: 16 and up

Dessen, Sarah.  (2008).  Lock and Key. Toronto, ON: SPEAK

Book Website: http://www.sarahdessen.com/lock-and-key


2 thoughts on “Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen

  1. I really love the Sarah Dessen books…she is amazing…but I have to say that My very favorite is This Lullaby. It was the very first book of hers that i read but I’ve never been able to like any of her others more than that one. 😀

    • That’s one that I haven’t gotten around to yet – but definitely on my list. I just love her writing, how easy it is to relate to and how realistic it is. My daughter is also reading one of her books now as well.

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