Reviews – Firestorm by David Klaas


Your typical high school jock, focused on girls, football and fast cars, has his world turned upside down when he learns his parents are not his parents and that is whole life is a lie.  Imagine discovering that you are the “Beacon of light” brought to this life from 1000 years into the future.  What do you do?  Who do you turn to?  Who are you?

Jack discovers his destiny with the help of two faithful companions and learns about his real family and their reality along his way.  Adventure packed chapters and beautiful descriptive scenes kept me  intrigued.  I “read” this as an audiobook so the narrator kept it interesting and flowing.  The underlying environmental theme showed up again – how can we save the earth – what has been done to destroy aspects of our environment.  I thought it was very intriguing how this theme popped up again with a different author.  Made me wonder if the young adults reading this novel truly understand the implications of some of our actions?

There were two aspects of this book that had me questioning who I would recommend it to and whether it was just a perspective I have never seen before?  The main character is a young lad, 17 years old and really just coming of age.  Thoughts of sex pop up every once in a while and really made me sit back and wonder.  Is this really what a 17-yr-old male thinks about?  Or was this added to grab the reader’s attention?  Reading books where the protagonists are mostly young females, this theme is not as prevalent or available as it was in this book.  Although the sexual content is light – nothing graphic or nasty – I would not recommend this book to the younger teens.  I would recommend it to older teens and if I could to those that I thought were mature.

One other aspect that I didn’t particularly like – was the ending.  I realize this is the first of a trilogy – but I found the ending lacking and I’m torn as to whether I will pursue the second book or not.


Ages: 17 and over


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