Review – Just Listen by Sarah Dessen

JustListenAnother great book!  I “read” this as an audiobook and was absorbed by the story after the first chapter.  I have to admit that the narrator plays a large part in deciding whether I will continue to listen to it or not.  In this case, the narrator did a wonderful job with this book – the tone and inflection of her voice differing for each character.

The story itself was excellent!  With teenaged girls in my house, it was very easy to relate to.  The story revolves around Annabelle Greene, a 17-year-old model and her life as she settles into high school. The story captures the classic players in a teenage girl’s, the popular girl and her clique, the shy friends from before high school, and boys.  The story was written in such a way that it kept me on my toes until near the end.  Bringing music into the book and keeping that theme throughout was a great tie-in.

Chatting with one of my daughters this morning I found out that Sarah Dessen’s books are often found on the Independent Study Unit lists for High School English classes.  They also come very highly recommended by high school girls and are often the first titles selected for these projects.  I’m also told that high school students find these books very relatable  – the books cover many situations they may have heard about locally or situations they’re curious about.  An author to keep my eyes on – for sure!


Ages: 16 and over


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