YouTube and Teens – Recommended Readings

As you can imagine the literature on YouTube and Young Adults was a bit scarce.  Without bombarding everyone with numbers – here are a few selections (they are all short!).  Stumbling blocks encountered when researching this topic:

  • YouTube is often included as one avenue to the whole social networking phenomenon
  • The definition of young adults or teen – something I’m struggling more and more with – what do I mean?  The Pew Internet group – a great resource for studies connected to Internet use – they survey the population and unfortunately only survey folks that are 18 years and older.  However – their definition of young adult are folks 18-29 years of age.  Very relevant information – I believe relevant to our demographic – but we need to keep in mind that the study was based on older folks.

Readings that I’d like to recommend:

Lenhart, M., Madden, M., Smith, A., and Macgill, A. (2007).  Teens and social media.  Pew Internet & American Life Project report available  at

OCLC (2007).  NextSpace – The OCLC Newsletter – Social networking encourages teen library usage at Denver public.  Available at Look at the YouTube Video Contest – there’s a link that takes you to the first place winner video – unfortunately the runner-up video has been removed.

Nielsen (2009).  How teen use media – A Nielsen report on the myths and realities of teen media trends.  Available at

Additional readings –

Educause (2006).  7 things you should know about…  YouTube.  Available at

Lenhart, Amanda and Madden, Mary (2007).  Teens, privacy and online social networks.  Pew Internet & American Life Project report available at

Madden, Mary (2009). The audience for online video-sharing sites shoots up.  Pew Internet & American Life Project report available at–The-Audience-for-Online-VideoSharing-Sites-Shoots-Up/1-Overview.aspx?r=1.

Wright, Adam (2007). Young Americans have fallen in love with streaming videos, thanks to YouTube and other video file sharing websites.  Available at

YALSA (2009).  Teens & social networking in school and public libraries:  A toolkit for librarians & library workers.  Available at

There are a number of YouTube videos you can watch as well – some of which I will be showcasing in class.

UPDATE – November 13, 2009

I’ve tried uploading my presentation with little success – so I’ll add the links to the YouTube videos I presented in class here…

Teens on YouTube – Miss Chievious’ original video which resulted in a number of reponses – both written and video.  I did not show this one in class – but I showed one of the view responses – which is linked below as well:

Video response shown in class:

Minigaston – my daughter’s friend – here is the link to his channel – the video I showed in class is called “Death Crickets” – there’s a new one called “Halloween” You’ve got to see it – hilarious!

Education – the classic conditioning theory video:

Music I won’t include this link since there are sooo many out there 🙂

Library videos:


Denver Public LIbrary:

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