Reviews – Maximum Ride: MAX by James Patterson

lg-maximumRideFive I’m an avid James Patterson fan, so when I came across his Maximum Ride series – I had to try it.  In typical Patterson style, the chapters were small and quick – making this a nice, easy flowing book to read.  I didn’t realize the book I had picked up was one in a series – so when I read things that referred me to a previous book I was a little taken aback – nonetheless I made it through the book and didn’t feel like I’d missed out on too much by starting in the middle of the series.

MAX is an adventure that takes a flock of kid-birds on a hunt for the “bad guys” who have kidnapped the leader’s Mom.  It was a fun read and a very different type of story than the “Alex Cross” series or the “The Women’s Murder Club” series.  I found I enjoyed reading about MAX but I didn’t get as caught up in the character’s lives as I do with Patterson’s adult books.

I would recommend this book and this series but I would recommend it to the older young adults.


Age:  14 yrs and up

Patterson, James.  (2009).  Max:  A Maximum Ride Novel. New York, NY:  Little, Brown and Company

Author’s website:


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