PUBYAC Listserv

After the first class, I decided to sign up for  PUBlic libraries,Young Adults, and Children listserv right away.  I receive the emails as a digest to reduce the number of emails I receive on a daily basis – so far it has been averaging one a day – with a few times where there have been 2/day.

Things that I’ve noticed and learned:

  • librarians from all different types of libraries use this resource
  • there are so many options available for running services – it’s really nice to read everyone’s views and suggestions
  • folks on the list include people who seem to have a lot of experience and also those that appear to have none and are looking to tap into that experience
  • the questions are all over the place – from can anyone remember the author of a book with this plot to how do people run this service to I’m interested in your thoughts about this given topic

What surprised me the most?

I think what surprised me the most were the answers.  I was shocked that there was someone out there that could remember the author and title of book based on a description of a plot line that a client retold.  WOW!!!!  I can’t remember the author of the book I’m currently reading.  I guess the other thing that surprised based on a more recent question was the use of PS2/Karaoke machines and programs developed by YA and Children librarians.  It really opened my eyes to the opportunities and neat ways to incorporate items we consider games and sometimes “bad” in a constructive way.

How useful was this resource?

I found it to be very useful – although I’m still learning about this field – if I was to move into a YA type position I would definitely take advantage of this great think-tank.  The one thing that I did notice though – the questions fielded were not restricted to YA materials – they also included Children’s materials questions – I guess this makes sense given the title of the listserv.  So for a YA librarian I think you need to selectively wade through the emails.  Mind you – many of the cool ideas for Children’s services may be translated and used for Young Adults.

Will you continue to monitor or subscribe? Why or why not?

Yes I will – since I currently work in an academic environment I love to learn about the Public Library environment and with 2 young adults in the household – it’s great to hear about these cool ideas and books.  Maybe something I could take to our local library branch?

If you want to sign up and see what it’s all about – check out:


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