My first official “Graphic novel” – Bone by Jeff Smith

bone_book1You can imagine my shock and surprise when I returned from the library this morning with a couple of YA graphic novels and my daughter tells me that I’ve been buying graphic novels for her for the past year or so.  I mean really how do you figure out when what you think is a comic book is a graphic novel?  I didn’t know…  But I think I understand now ….

What better way to learn what my kids are reading than by reading one of my daughter’s Bone books – she only owns 6 of them and I may be borrowing them all now …  In any case – I have to admit I really enjoyed this.  The storyline was cute, funny at times and brought me back to my childhood – reading fairy tales where the good guys battle the bad and where the good guys meet some new fantastical creatures – oh and of course the dragon (I love dragons).  The illustrations were great – they really drew me into the story – they allowed me to be part of the story although safe from the rat creatures and the Red dragon.

The story follows three Bones who left Boneville – ok one of them was chased out of Boneville and his cousins chose to keep him company – they leave town, get separated and each take a different path into a new world.  As I mentioned earlier – the story is fun.  The book itself is 138 pages long and with the pictures and all I thought – ah maybe 30 minutes – but nope it took me a good solid hour – and it passed very quickly.

Although I’m still struggling with the graphic novel concept and the “reading” aspect of this – I would definitely recommend this series.  The first book was written in a way that I think would appeal to both boys and girls ages 10 and over.


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