Coming of Age … in All Kinds of Families – Sister Wife by Shelley Hrdlitschka

sister_wifeSister Wife is a story that provided me with a peak into a whole new world with a different faith, one that many of us may not comprehend.  Celeste, now 15 years old has come of age in the Unity community and will soon find out who she is to marry.  The story shows how she begins to question the morals of her faith – raising concern for both her younger sister and her father.  We watch her mature while she questions her faith and the beliefs of her community – the story takes the reader into a different life and allows us to live it along with three teenage girls – each at a different stage of life.

I’ll admit that it took me a few chapters to become accustomed to the three narratives – at first it was a bit distracting but as the story progressed I became so involved with each of the views – I have to wonder whether this story could have been told in any other way.

I believe this is a book that could appeal to young girls who are curious about this way of life, but I think many would be quite disturbed and “put-off”.  To appreciate the story I believe you would have to be a mature reader and a mature young adult to fully appreciate this book and its contents.  I have to wonder whether this book would be more appealing to the adult reader?  I don’t know….

I really enjoyed it and appreciated the frankness and openness of the story.

Hrdlitschka, Shelley.  (2008).  Sister Wife. Victoria, BC:  Orca Book Publishers

Author’s website:


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