YA Magazines – Seventeen

seventeenAh yes – the classic teen magazine for girls today.  All about fashion and beauty tips – what’s happening in the world of celebrity teens, what are they wearing and eating.  Let’s be honest – most of us have read one or two or several of these types of magazines when we were all growing up – and we’re now letting our daughters read them.  Really now – how can you resist picking it up with captions like  ” Free mascara” or “Look pretty now!”  How can any teenaged girl resist these calls?

Browsing through my daughter’s latest edition, I was drawn to the number of pictures vs. the number of words in the magazine.  Hmmm….  why does she “read” this I wonder?  She tells me that she reads every word in each issue that enters the house.  The more I look the more I’m thinking that the ads outnumber the content – but sometimes it can get tough to differentiate one from the other.

All in all – the magazine must be meeting its goals – providing young adult girls with a lot of information about make-up, hair and relationships, that by the end of the day, it can be touted as fun and pleasurable “reading” – or maybe it’s just a way to encourage these young ladies to spend money they don’t necessarily have.  As a Mom, well I’m not convinced it’s adding any value to my daughter’s education – but she claims it is – learning about the new trends in hair styles – needing to know what’s really happening with those celebrities…  I have to admit she does seem to know more in these areas than I do today.

dg Discovery Girls is another YA magazine that makes it into our house.  I thought it would be interesting to look at both here.  Not sure whether DG can really be considered a YA magazine – as it claims to be for readers aged 8 and up?   Expecting to find stories and fun girly stuff I was a little surprised that it too was looking at fashion, hair and celebrity lives.  Guess I didn’t expect 8 and 9 yr olds to enjoy this – guess I was wrong.  Although when you look through the magazine – all the comments and posts made by readers are between the ages of 11 and 12……

There were stories though in this magazine – however they tended to concentrate on relationships- hunh???  But I was extremely pleased to see a number of book reviews and ads for new and upcoming books.  But again – the magazine had more pictures than words.

These two magazines were definitely geared towards two different age groups – but I did feel that realistically they were encouraging their target market to think and deal with issues beyond their age.


One thought on “YA Magazines – Seventeen

  1. Your ability to provide the perspectives of both yourself and your daughter is definitely appreciated! I’m pretty sure I read every word in Seventeen Magazine as a teenager too. I didn’t like it enough to buy it often, but when I did I definitely read it several times over. I’m not sure now whether I “read” it so intently in the hopes of finding something of use to me (and failing) or whether I actually did find some of it useful. I think part of it was in developing identity … who do I want to look like? And part of it was likely escapism … if I was a famous actress, what would I do?

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