Reviews – The Keys to the Kingdom – Mister Monday by Garth Nix (audio CDs)


Mister Monday is the first in a series of seven books, where a young boy Arthur embarks on a wonderful adventure to save the “Will”.  The young lad starts his day in a new school, has an asthma attack while trying to run in PE class and ends his day as the Heir to the Lower House and unknown hero to his own world.  His adventures place him in many situations where he must decide who to trust and who not to trust – truly forcing him to become more responsible and rely only on himself.

The fantasy world that Arthur has been cast has many links to ideas and thoughts that many of us have had as children.  For instance, my favourite, children are washed between the ears.  How many times have we heard this said to us as children?  The Lower House is full of exciting adventures and situations, that I really enjoyed reading about it.  The fantasy world and how easy it was for a reader to live in this world with Arthur makes it an appealing book to the young adult community.

I chose to listen to this book on a set of audio CDs and found this was a very interesting and challenging way to “read” a book.  At first I was a bit lost listening to the book, since listening to the CDs did not allow me to go back and reread a passage for clarification or go back to make sure that I really understood the situation.  After the first 4 – 5 chapters I was able to more easily follow the book.  This was also the point where I couldn’t wait to get back into the car and hear the next few chapters.  Once I got over the novel “reading”  aspect of this book, I became an instant fan and am looking forward to “reading” the next book in the series.

This was the first book by Garth Nix that I have read and have become an instant fan.  Researching into other books Mr Nix has written, they all take place in a variety of fantasy worlds and they all seem to be in a series:  “The Old Kingdom”, “The Seventh Tower” and of course “The Keys to the Kingdom”.  Although series may not appeal to every reader, I believe that once you get hooked onto a series, you’re determined to read them all.


Ages 12 and up

One thought on “Reviews – The Keys to the Kingdom – Mister Monday by Garth Nix (audio CDs)

  1. Alrighty folks thought I’d better confess to having listened to the second book – “Grim Tuesday”. I enjoyed it just as much as the first “Mister Monday”. I was truly disappointed when the third in the series “Drowned Wednesday” was already checked out of our library. Now I have to wait… But no worries I’ll be back with more thoughts on the remaining four in the series – Readers are anxiously awaiting the final in the series to be written.

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