Reading Rants! Gemini Summer by Iain Lawrence

gemini_summerI really enjoyed this book – although I needed a box of tissues to get me through.  I went into this book not really knowing what to expect and was pleasantly surprised by how easily the story flowed and how real it was!  I really like the couple of chapters early on that forced you into the future – they always kept me wondering how we’re going to get there.  The historical facts and the fears experienced by folks during that time period came through loud and clear.

I especially appreciated the family aspect of the story – it was refreshing – yes they experienced a terrible tragedy – but it did not end with a broken family – they stuck it out and the story ended on a happy note.  Not something that you see too often today.  And yes – truth be told I’m a dog lover – so that really pulled me  in from the very beginning.

I’m definitely curious about the other works that Iain Lawrence has written and will be running out to the library to check them out real soon!  If anyone has read any – I’d love to hear which one you’d recommend – at first glance “The Seance” looks really interesting…

Lawrence, Iain.  (2006).  Gemini Summer. New York, NY:  Delacorte Press.

Author’s website:


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