YA section of a local bookstore and the Main libary in town

We are fortunate to have a large chain bookstore in our city.  Finding the Young Adults section in this store is quite easy.  Straight down the main aisle and smack-dab in the middle of the store.  The display is appealing to the YA group, according to my girls.  A large table with the latest and greatest Vampire books greets you in the middle with shelves behind it housing the remaining collection.  One thing that really grabbed my attention was the rack of Teen magazines – right there beside the table.  This is great!  We’re a generation of one-stop shoppers (ok I am) and having the magazines intermixed with the books is great!  Don’t have to walk around the store or to the far corner to find that magazine.  Of course you have the many piles of the Twilight series books still around – and new series with very similar covers – Black backgrounds with shady faces.  Appealing? hmm…  not sure…

I thought it would also be interesting to visit the YA section of our Main library – as a comparison/contrast.  Walking onto the Children’s floor of our library – you are immediately greeted with a long shelf of YA Audio books.  I was amazed!  WOW!!!  I didn’t realize they existed for YA and Children’s books.  Browsing through the collection I found a couple of authors and titles that were mentioned in class.  So – you guessed it I checked them out to try them on my commute to class next week.  Anyway, back to the library, after checking out the great and large Audio book collection, I wandered off to the YA section.  Well…  not too much to talk about here.  Your usual long shelves of hard cover books, placed alphabetically by author, along with several revolving bookcases for the paperback books.  Very tight space, since there is a large collection.  However, we are very lucky though to have an active Teen’s Advisory and activity planning.  Movie nights, art classes, etc… for the children and young adults alike.


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